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Frequently Asked Questions

In what colors are the walk in tubs available?
The “Diamond Elite” tub is available in both a white and cream/bone color. Custom colors are available upon request.

What maintenance is required?
Cleaning and maintenance is the same as your regular bathtub. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.

What is the warranty on the Walk In Tub?
The “Diamond Elite” Walk in Tub comes with our manufacturer’s Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

How is the plumbing hookup done for a Walk in Tub?
The plumbing on the “Diamond Elite” is hooked up from below just as a regular bathtub.
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Where can the bathtub be installed?
The “Diamond Elite” can be used as a replacement for your regular bathtub. It can also be installed in a spare room, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

Can the Walk In Tub be ordered with a right or left door swing?
Yes, you may choose either the right or left door option. Please let us know this information before making a purchase.

Does your tub come with a whirlpool system?
We offer 18 hydro air jets or 10 water jets or a combination of both, either with standard distribution or custom placed to meet your individual hydrotherapy requirements.

From what material is a Walk In Tub made?
The tub is made of fiberglass not acrylic, and gel coat, the surface material used on multi-million dollar yachts that are out in the weather and water year round.

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