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An installed elderly care tubAs you age, you may discover that tasks you once did with ease now present multiple problems. For example, stepsin your home require more effort to climb or low couchestake extra maneuvering to exit.
But at CareFree Walk In Tubs, we believe that personal hygiene should never be a chore. To make showering and bathing safer and more enjoyable, we provide several models of elderly care tubs to Minneapolis, MN residents.

The inside of the tub is smooth and clean and comes with Air and Water Jets for a incredibly relaxing bathing experience!Step into Our Ultra Low Entry Tub
Regular tubs pose a lot of safety risks, as you are more likely to catch your foot on the rim or slip on its smooth surface. But with our walk-in tub, you can wash those worries away. We proudly distribute Diamond Elite Walk-in tubs with a slip-resistant floor and seat.

These walk-in-tubs in Rochester, MN also feature various speed control settings so you can massage your feet and legs. And they also come with 3 hydro-ports, each with 6 individual air jets, so you can enjoy relaxing hydrotherapy.

  • Length: 51" (spacerscan extend the length up to 60")
  • Height: 37.5" or 42"
  • Width: 26", 30", or 32"
  • Seat Height: 17.5"

A beautiful, fully installed Diamond Elite Walk In Tub! Call Us Today!The 2.5 inch entry into the tub is the lowest entry of any Walk In Bathtub

We service all of Minneapolis and surrounding Metro Area as well as greater Minnesota and Western Wisconsin!Roll into Our Handicapped ADA-Approved Showers
Injury, illness, and other concerns may interfere with your ability to move in and out of typical showers. Why not make showering a little easier with our ADA-approved showers? Our showers feature removable rubber thresholds which you can fold down to enter the shower, and then they pop up again to hold in the water. 

  • Length: 60" 
  • Height: 72" 
  • Width: 30"

Ready to Learn More
In addition to our models listed above, we provide economy models to work with your budget. To learn more about our affordable Minneapolis, MN elderly care tubs and showers, call our toll free number: 866-877-2388. You can also fill out our contact form ( for additional inquiries. 

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